I spray this essential oil spray on everything!

You know that smell when you walk into someone’s house and you can immediately tell that they just recently cleaned? LEMONS!! It’s always lemons! There’s nothing worse than walking into someone’s home and smelling literally everything that’s happened there that week…gross! I usually use Febreze but it seems like even the tiniest little spritz is SUPER strong and just mixes with the smell of whatever you’re trying to cover up, which is just inventing a new nasty smell! Plus when you have a 6 year old that literally drenches the house in it because it’s obviously so fun to spray…… the stench quickly looses it’s appeal. I created a new spray with not only lemons which I love but also with lavender! I originally made it for a linen spray (for those of you with fur babies in your bed like us…you understand why). Then, I loved it so much I started to spray it on EVERYTHING! It’s great for fighting against wet pup smell, stinky six year old’s bedrooms, hubby’s work boots and parent’s cars after finding special surprises under the seats:) or just if you wanna fool people coming over that you just spent most of the day dusting and cleaning your lil butt off 😉

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