Detox Day 2… definitely new things happening

We made it through Day 2 on the 5 Day Detox with Your Super superfood mixes….with a liiiiitttllllle bit more difficulty….

The day started similar to yesterday-woke up, immediately wanted my cup of coffee but went for the green tea instead;) Made sure my lemon water was filled to the brim to continuously carry with me all day, started off the day with a pineapple strawberry smoothie with a scoop of the Skinny Protein, Super Green and Forever Beautiful mixes! I felt great for the most part. I had good energy, the smoothies were delicious and keeping me full for hours and just the high of sticking to the plan was making both of us feel great and optimistic!

Then it started….

The bloating phase! I had read about other’s doing the detox and experiencing this but it definitely doesn’t happen to everyone! Both my husband and I were painfully bloated on Day 2 for most of the day! Don’t worry, that’s all I will share with you on the topic;) However I do want to share some tips with you on what to do if you experience the same!

It’s definitely not uncommon when you switch your body over to a completely plant based diet, especially if you do it abruptly! Your digestive system is simply reacting to the large amount of fiber intake but high fiber diet definitely has it’s up sides too! It can actually improve digestion and some studies show it can even prevent certain types of cancer, heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes! So the good news- it’s only temporary and it means your body is working;)

A couple things that can help….

  • WATER- try to hit at least 80-100 oz of water to flush out your system quicker and get you past this phase
  • “PRE-DETOX”- if you’re thinking of doing the 5 day detox, try to slowly introduce your body to the changes. Minimize the amount of caffeine and sugars and slowly start eating more and more vegetables that are high in fiber each day.
  • LEMON- add lemon to your water to help relieve indigestion and neutralize stomach acid
  • GINGER- this has been a long time used remedy for indigestion and bloating, drink a ginger tea or add to your water or meals
  • PEPPERMINT- add a couple (I stress couple- you don’t need much) drops of Peppermint Essential Oil to your water, peppermint also helps to naturally relieve heartburn, indigestion, etc.
  • LIMIT- some vegetables are worse than others when it comes to bloating (beans, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage and brussels sprouts) try switching up your recipes so you’re limiting the amount of these

For dinner we had Spicy Black Bean Burgers with all the fixings and zuccinni fries! I am in LOVE with Morning Star Farms products, these were delicious!

We’ll see what Detox Day 3 brings, hopefully a little more comfort, until tomorrow…..

Remember, you are beautiful;)

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